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With four girls, life tends to get a little messy. So we created this laundry stain stick to de-mess life when that happens. Just three ingredients (and a dollop of love) helps us keep our clothes looking nicer, longer. Check out the video to see it in action!

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide (lye), Coconut Oil

Note: These soaps are not meant to treat or diagnose any condition and they should not replace proper medical examination & diagnosis. They are meant to support the function of your body and increase overall strength & health in conjunction with your doctor’s care plan. These statements have also not been approved by the FDA. Please research these products carefully and always feel free to ask me questions as we love to share what we have learned!

8 reviews for Laundry Stick

  1. Michael Fritzius

    Review by Lorry from our Etsy Shop on Sep 30, 2021

    “I haven’t used the Laundry Stick yet, but I do love the way it feels in my hand and look forward to more products in the future”.

  2. Michael Fritzius

    Review by monicah0519 from our Etsy Shop on Apr 18, 2022

  3. Michael Fritzius

    Review by nathaly from our Etsy Shop on Nov 9, 2021

  4. Michael Fritzius

    Review by mrspastordear from our Etsy Shop on May 17, 2021
    5 out of 5 stars
    “This is a great stain remover bar. I have used lye soap for stains for years, but I love this one, because it is cut in a handy stick for rubbing on the stains – so much easier than a bar of soap. It makes a lovely lather, and has gotten out every spot I have used it on so far.”

  5. Michael Fritzius

    Review by Laura S from our Etsy Shop on May 7, 2021
    5 out of 5 stars

  6. Michael Fritzius

    Review by Alex from our Etsy Shop on Apr 7, 2021

    I stumbled upon some of these products and I absolutely love the soap bars and the laundry stick! Thanks ExactlyZero!!

  7. Michael Fritzius

    Review by Kathy from our Etsy Shop on Mar 15, 2021

    Took out all the stains even some really old stains I didn’t think we’re going to come out

  8. Amber Webb

    I used it on my infant baby poop stains. It works great with the yellow poop that happens from breastfeeding babies. Also, It works with clothes that had already been washed and dried. I soak the spot with water and then rub the stick on it. I have two one for upstairs where changing happen and one downstairs in the laundry room. I enjoy several products from this company. Thank you.

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