From Our Family to Yours!

Welcome to Exactly Zero

You care what you put on and in your body. We do too.

Welcome to Exactly Zero!

Cancer hit us really close to home. We decided to do something about it. And now we’re giving back what we’ve learned along the way.

This is our gift to you: clean products with no harmful chemicals, additives, microplastics or preservatives.

Welcome to Exactly Zero!

Michael and Charlotte Fritzius

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Our Interview

We were honored to be interviewed by our good friend Deb Gaut on the Tiny Sparks Big Flames Podcast.

Hear the whole story about how we got started with Exactly Zero, our plans for the future, and the challenges we’ve faced on the way.

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Who We Are

We’re a family of six who had a cancer scare back in 2012. Things turned out fine.

But rather than think, “wow, glad that’s over with,” we decided to find out why it happened in the first place.

That’s what kicked off our clean living journey.

Why “Exactly Zero?”

We needed a name that was easy to remember, but also reminded people about how many preservatives, fragrances, synthetics, or stabilizers we put in our products.

We put Exactly Zero of that stuff in our stuff.

We DON’T use fragrances, microplastics or harsh chemicals.

We DO use essential oils, plant-based oils, clays and as much sustainable packaging as we can.

And because we use each of these products for our own family, you should have Exactly Zero worries about using them for yours.

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