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Welcome to Exactly Zero

You care what you put on and in your body. We do too.

Intro to Fundraising

Thank you for your interest in learning about our fundraising program! We built out this page to share more about how our family can support your goals, by providing excellent products, along with a simple e-commerce platform for you to drive traffic to, resulting in sales.

The best part? This is free to start!

To keep things clean (just like our products) please open any of the options below to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Exactly Zero”?

Great question. This is a family-based business started by Michael and Charlotte Fritzius in early 2021, but the journey to get here actually began in 2012 when Michael was diagnosed with cancer. We realized we needed to make a change in not just our nutrition, but also what we use on our bodies.

Charlotte dug in and did a ton of research, and figured out how to make deodorant, toothpaste, lip balm, sunscreen, bar soap and lots more.

Eventually, enough people started taking notice and asked, “Wow, you guys make all of this yourselves? At home? Have you thought about starting a business?”

After hearing that about 38 times we said, “Ok let’s do it,” and opened Exactly Zero.

We had humble beginnings with a small Etsy shop, and started getting involved in farmers markets in the area. As initial business became repeat business, and then referral business, we realized: we’ve got something great here.

There are plenty of homemade, handmade products out there, but few actually focus on clean ingredients–they include lots of additives, chemicals and colorants, some of which are known carcinogens. We want to do better. And the amount of business we’ve gotten shows us that people want better as well. That’s why we called the company “Exactly Zero”, because that’s how much of those unncessary (and harmful!) ingredients we put in our products.

Now it’s time to bless people at scale. That’s where you come in!

Check out more of the options below to find out more.

How does the fundraising program work?

The fundraising program works by setting up a special Landing Page right here on our website. On it, we’ll feature a subset of our products–usually bundles–and we’ll feature a blurb about what you’re fundraising for.

When a purchase is made, you’ll be given 50% of the proceeds from any item purchased from that page. We’ll send the funds electronically.

If necessary, we’ll send them as a tax-deductible donation in the case of raising funds for a non-profit.

We’ll monitor together what items or bundles are performing well, and change things up as needed, or as new seasons indicate certain things will sell better.

Is there a time limit on how long the fundraising goes for?

Nope! Once it’s set you’re free to keep exercising it as much as you want.

On your end, if you’d like to do a fundraiser once a year, once every half year or once every quarter, you can. It’s just a matter of focusing the effort periodically.

What’s the best way to drive traffic to our landing page?

The best way is social media, hands-down.

You’ve probably already got an established presence online. And each of the people in the organization probably do too!

The more you can drive traffic to your Landing Page, the better. You can design graphics to support posts and make it clear that you’re raising funds, and what it’s for. We’ll also make sure to clearly communicate what each purchase goes to support. And once it’s set you’re free to keep exercising it as much as you want.

Another way that we recommend is to have custom fridge magnets made, that has a QR code on it directing people to your landing page. While these aren’t free, we do have a local printer capable of making these quickly, and for a nominal fee we can include one of these in each outgoing order. These provide a HUGE spike in reordering and create a higher likelihood of repeat business and repeat revenue for you.

We’re a non-profit — will this work for us?

Absolutely. And we’re mainly doing this for non-profits because we know the struggle of raising funds for the efforts you care about. We want to make it incredibly easy by exposing our products to your supporters, where because of our products’ popularity, there’s a great chance they’ll end up making a purchase.

We support non-profits — will this work for us?

It sure would! In fact this might be a great value add for the non-profits you’re currently helping. Let’s chat!

Do you ship to us and then we get it to the customers?

Nope! And that’s one of the cool parts about how we do things.

The way fundraising used to be done when we were kids looked like this: go door-to-door with a booklet and an order form, take the order, send the order sheet and the money in to the factory, and then in 4-6 business weeks your location would get a mess of cardboard boxes, each marked with the kid’s name and all the orders individually packaged. It was then up to the kid to distribute the packages to each customer.

Now though, we’re light years ahead. The internet and e-commerce has made it possible to generate way more sales, and do so in a lot less time.

Instead, we craft and ship the products right from here. That means you, your organization and your constituents can focus on creating awesome content for social media instead of going door to door. Every sale that’s triggered is money in your pocket–which we can also send electronically.

We like simple.

How will you know whether an order is meant to support us?

We’ve got a couple ways.

First, the Landing Page we’ll put together for you will be populated with items that are only for you. Although they might be the same as what you find elsewhere on the website, the name of the product will include your organization’s name somewhere in there.

Second, we’ll set you up as an Affiliate on our site. Our system tracks the traffic to the site sent by way of your Affiliate Link, and also notifies us when someone places an order, so we know how much money to set aside for you.

Either way, you can be assured you will be given your appropriate percentage, and that tracking is done accurately!


Awesome! Glad you opened this one up 🙂

We start by getting a call booked below where we’ll chat for 30 minutes, make sure things mutually make sense, and get a feel for how to build out the Landing Page for you.

After that, we can move pretty quickly, and can get things set up on our side, often in less than 24 hours.

Excited to chat! See you up ahead.