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Affiliate Marketing

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A big part of growing a business is getting the word out about what we do. With nearly 8 billion people on the planet, we know we can’t reach everybody.

But you know some people we don’t know, who would love to use our products. And we’d like to reward you for the relationships you create, that result in sales for us.

That’s where Affiliate Marketing comes in.

When you become an Affiliate, you’ll have an easy way to sell our products. Anyone who makes a purchase using your unique referral link will get you a percentage of the sale.

You can sell via email, put the link in your email signature, create business cards or even turn it into a QR code and slap stickers up on walls.

Every month you’ll get your payout via PayPal or other electronic means, direct from us to you.

No mess, just like our products!

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From Our Family to Yours!