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You care what you put on and in your body. We do too.

There are lots of germs out there, and some of them are gonna get on and in your mouth. Lip balm to the rescue! 

We’ve spent over two years improving our signature Immunity lip balm. And now we’ve brought you a smooth, great smelling product that helps relieve some common symptoms resulting from said germs. You can get relief from chapped lips, canker sores, and sometimes mild congestion with the use of this lip balm.

Keep your lips kissably soft and protect yourself with our proprietary blend of cinnamon, clove, orange, and cypress.

Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Four Thieves Blend (Orange Essential Oil, Clove Essential Oil, Cinnamon Essential Oil, Cyprus Essential Oil)

Weight 0.5 oz
Dimensions 2.75 × 0.75 × 0.75 in

2 reviews for Immunity Lip Balm

  1. Michael Fritzius

    Review by Donna Foy from our Etsy Shop on Mar 12, 2021

    I’m obsessed with this lip balm! It smells so good! Almost like Christmas on your lips! Smells so good!

  2. Michael Fritzius

    Review by Alex Elias from our Etsy Shop on Mar 10, 2021

    It works! Let me say that again. It actually works! No chapped lips. Nothing else uncomfortable. Just a great product! It also tastes great too!

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