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You care what you put on and in your body. We do too.

Each of our unique handmade Bath Teas are blended by hand and packaged in beautiful organza bags to infuse your next bath with goodness.

New to Bath Teas? Plug the bathtub and place one Bath Tea in. Run HOT water into the tub (over the tea bag if possible) until the bath is half full. Let sit for five minutes. Then fill the tub the rest of the way with cooler water until it’s at the perfect temperature. Sink in and enjoy the experience!

This set of three Bath Teas includes:

Lavender Chamomile — Great for relaxing tired muscles and bringing mental calmness. Contains Lavender Flowers, Epsom Salt, Chamomile Flowers

Muscle Relaxer — For deep relaxation of tired muscles, especially larger muscle groups. Contains Epsom Salt, Lemongrass, Peppermint, Cypress Essential Oil

Rose — Treat yo self! This creates a luxurious bath that makes you smell awesome. Contains Pink Himalayan Salt, Dried Rose Petals

Weight 6 oz


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