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You care what you put on and in your body. We do too.

Fundraising with Exactly Zero

Candy. Pizza. Magazines. Cookies.

What if instead of using these items for your next fundraiser, you approached people with clean living products at an affordable price point?

What if instead of unhealthy or overdone options that everybody’s seen a million times, you can bring the gift of products that help decrease the amount of chemicals they put on and in their bodies?

Spoiler alert: It’s not a “what if”. It’s available. Right now.

Clean living is a sector that’s fast growing in popularity, because people are getting tired–and scared–of continuing to cover themselves with harmful products. We were, and that’s why we started this journey.

And while it’s still a new enough area for people to take notice, we decided to wrap fundraising around these products.

No one else is fundraising like this. But you can!

Whether you’re wanting to raise funds for your school, club, organization or charity, we provide a full line of handmade products that our family uses every day. And we’re happy to share a healthy commission with you.

You can help us build our dream while we help you fund yours!

After you’re approved to become a fundraising affiliate, you’ll receive a link that everybody in your group can use. Sales are all done online–no in-person contact required. Any sale generated from that unique link means you get a percentage commission. After the fundraiser is done, we create the product, ship straight to your customers (within the US), and cut you a check to go toward the club, team or charity of your choice.

See? Simple. Just like our products.

Ready to get the process started? Simply enter your name and email below, and that’ll let us know you’re interested. We’ll then reach out, and set up a time to chat.

Looking forward to making some magic happen!

From Our Family to Yours!